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Sencha touchというらしいでス。煎茶?と思って調べたら、やっぱり煎茶だった。


引用元: http://extjs.blog.sus4.co.jp/2010/06/16/ext-js%e3%81%afsencha%e3%81%ab/

Why Sencha?
We’re choosing Sencha as our name because it evokes next-generation software development and it’s easy to remember, spell and pronounce. Sencha — the name of a popular Japanese green tea — is in the tradition of Java, and represents a new level of development. It feels memorable to us. We

hope you like it too.

The roadmaps for Ext JS, Ext GWT, Designer, Direct etc. don’t change as a result of this. We’re very excited about the new things in Ext JS 4.0 and the rest of the product line. Some of the individual product names might evolve in the future (for example, we’re thinking of renaming Ext Designer to Sencha Designer), but don’t expect any major or immediate changes here. One of the benefits of the name change is also that it separates a product name – Ext JS – from the company name, Sencha.


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